Friday, November 9, 2012

WHEW!!! What an eventful week in Haiti :)!/media/set/?set=a.3740036061713.136258.1300511352&type=3
This was the 1st full day.. I went with Genesis to watch them pouring cement and building cement block steps up to the tent camps new storm shelter for the families in tents.. When it storms & rains here the families get very wet and muddy as the rain just flows right thru the floors of each tarp covered home.. No floors just the dirt ground so they stand or sleep in mud until it dries out.. Genesis has helped with he financing of this shelter for his tent city :)
Day 2, Sunday:!/media/set/?set=a.3744011641100.136343.1300511352&type=3
We checked in with the crew on the storm shelter and bought more blocks and cement to finish the inside of the shelter....THEN off to donate blood...Everyone asked, "Who needed blood Debby? Who did you donate it for?" Well, people in Haiti are just like us in the United States, "they" need blood just as much if not MORE than us... Can you imagine being in a 3rd world country and getting in an automobile accident, or falling from a tap tap (Haitian cab, pick-ups with people riding in the back from block to block) or like with Irene having an emergency c-section and thankfully she didn't bleed bad but what if she did??? THEY, the people of Haiti need blood and when I go back to the states I'm not allowed to give blood because of my trips here so my question is "WHY NOT?" :)
Day 3, Monday: was a day of rest :)
Day 4, Tuesday:!/media/set/?set=a.3751221461341.136472.1300511352&type=3
BABY IS HERE!! After a lot of hard work from Irene and hours of very touch and go!! We started at the public hospital where Irene had gotten prenatal care at thru her pregnancy...After a few hours of her going into the hospital (ALONE cuz they don't allow anyone to be with her!) she was sent outside to us (literally outside!) because they said she wasn't dilating.. This happened 3 times and finally when she knelt to have a contraction (which was every 2 or so minutes by this time) her water broke!! YEAH RIGHT??? NO!!! We sent her in thinking this was it, she was going to have the baby and about 30 minutes later they sent her back outside to us!!! At this point I was a lil angry and said LET'S GO!!! We took her to Kings Hospital which is a private hospital that was the 1st place I had worked at on my very 1st trip to Haiti with CCC GoTeam... We made it there just in time, they took her and I into the delivery room, started an IV and then quickly decided she needed an emergency c-section.. Junior decided he was NOT coming out voluntarily!!! He was stuck way up and wasn't coming down... They called in the OB doc, whom is doc Junie, Dr. Morquettes wife and an anesthesiologist and delivered baby Mardi Paris Junior JR!!! We didn't get his weight until Thursday but he was 7 lbs, great weight for a Haitian baby!!! :)
Wed: Moving Day, had to move guest houses and what a pain but it's over now!! LOL
More to come tomorrow, Internet is really terrible here and it's raining which makes it worse!! xoxoxo

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