Sunday, October 28, 2012

CHOLERA is rearing it's ugly head again!! HELP & SUPPLIES NEEDED!!

Matt Vecere
@Roberto Louis-Jacques is reporting 112 cholera cases with 25 dead in Anse-A-Veau Nippes, 3 hrs south of PaP. He can be reached at 509-3730-9732. No CTC in the area.
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  • Becky Duff Spreading the word.
  • Debby Mohr OMG NO WAY!!! Anyone heading there? I'd be willing to looking into an earlier flight to help ???? xoxoxoxo <3 <3 <3
  • Lisa Van Dyke I sent him the email of HEAS to contact them - they do coordination
  • Bill Waterman Matt do they need medics to start IV's and monitor patients?
  • Kristin Milburn Smith Jim Wilson Leslie Teltoe Miriam Frederick Have you seen this?
  • Matt Vecere i did alert HEAS yesterday, and someone did call Roberto. He relayed to me that when they spoke, he did not yet know of the deaths. He does speak English and is best to be contacted by phone. His internet connection is limited.
  • Kristin Milburn Smith Matt, thank you. Is Dr. Carroll yet aware of the situation? I'm just thinking he, Miriam, or someone connected through HEAS may be able to respond with a team. I just am stunned that it hit so hard so fast.
  • Matt Vecere Bill Waterman I'm not currently in Haiti. All of my info is second hand from Roberto. I am only relaying what he has told me, as he has asked me to help find assistance. It sounds like both supplies and medics are needed, but I must emphasize that Roberto must be contacted: 509-3730-9732. Thank you.
  • Kristin Milburn Smith Matt and whomever might have contact with Andrew McClalla at Direct Relief- he has asked through HEAS if they can offer assistance with cholera effort. I messaged him through HEAS but if someone can also relay this info to him through FB it can't hurt.
  • Kristin Milburn Smith Messaged Michael McDonald through HEAS- went ahead and put Roberto's contact # on open forum just in case someone else may see the notice and be able to respond. Any further updates since last night?
  • Michael White Roberto has gone going to pic up some items today for bel espwa plus
  • Debby Mohr Let me know if someone finds supplies, Jenna Halase & I are both willing to go help.. Jana Mervine also mentioned helping if someone could help her get there.. xoxoxo
  • Jenna Halase If we can get supplies I can go...and I think Debby Mohr said she might be able to as well.

  • These are photos from the original Cholera breakout when I went to Sister Marceleses clinic which had been turned into a Cholera clinic over night and taken over my Doctors without Borders... It gets VERY BAD VERY QUICKLY!!! People DIE overnight if no supplies are available.. Treatment is easy if supplies are available :) PLEASE help find supplies and or medical people to help us??? xoxoxo
  • PLEASE CONTACT MYSELF OR JENNA IF YOU ARE ABLE TO GO OR DONATE SUPPLIES ASAP.... Thanks so much, anything and everything will help:) xoxoxo
  • ✿◕‿◕ ☺☺Sending.∗*¨*♥.¸SPECIAL∗*¨*♥.¸¸WAVE¸.∗*¨*.2∗*¨*♥.¸U∗♥█▄◯▼E¯\(ツ)/¯‏

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