Monday, June 30, 2014

Maya aka Maddy, my mini mission trip here in Illinois :)

What a joy it was to do this mini mission trip to pick up a great Puppy German Shepard (13 weeks old) down south in St. Louis and bring her up by her forever daddy Taylor Halm who was elated to to finally meet her...

She was soooooooooo excited to get going on the last leg of her trip home to daddy Tayler!!! :) xoxo

OK now where r we going??? lol :) 

Bye bye Gilbert & girlfriend who drove me all the way from TEXAS IN 1 DAY!!!!! He is my hero :) xoxoxo

Here I am waiting for Maya to get here all the way from TEXAS :) xoxoxo
 Ms. Maya loves wood, and towels and nedspreads and anything that fits in her mouth to chew on :) hahahaha GOOOD LUCK DADDY TAYLOR!!! IN THE HOTEL ROOM!! lol  Not just once but TWICE!!! lol Have you ever been stuck in a small 12X12 room, enclosed with no windows to open and have a pile of really loose stool you didn't see happen 5 minutes ago??? hahahahaha Hope u don't ever have too!! lol xoxoThere is Gilbert who brought me to Debby so I can go to my forever home in McHenry :) xoxo THANK YOU GILBERT!!! xoxo

 The ride was challenging.. I think she was not to thrilled to get into another car and drive for hours so we stopped and a hotel for the night :)
I loved the hotel, it had lots of stuff to chew on, wooden table legs, wooden dresser, towels, bedspreads...It was a pretty cool place to get into lots of trouble :) lol :) <3 xoxoOOOOOO and it has this cool grass, nice and smooth that I used as a pee pad, not once but twice!! Debby didn't enjoy the smell to well but it was oooooooo so convenient to me because I did not wanna try to go down then back up theose stairs again.. Luckily Debby carried me up and down cuz I was NOT GONNA do it myself!!!! xoxoxo <3 
 After a pretty sleepless night, wanting to get to my dad, I slept almost all the way home!! Out like a light!!! We went into a Petco to buy me a harness to use with the seat belt because mom Debby was to excited about driving with me on her lap and I was going to anyway.. BUT It didn't work, I chew right thru the seat belt and got loose so I ended up in front with momma Debby but I was tired so I slept most of the way :) xoxoxo


Daddy Taylor & Grandpa LOVE ME SOOOO MUCH!!!! xoxoxoxo 

 HOME SWEET HOME for Maya aka Maddy :) xoxoxo <3

Friday, June 27, 2014

Haiti and the vicous Chik V!! Chikungunya Virus :( June 2014

Here we go again..... Back to my 2nd home Haiti.. This trip is a little bitter sweet as there are thousands and thousands of people infected my the Chik V. It's a terrible virus which you contract thru infected mosquito's. It causes extremely high fevers (which has caused small babies to seizure and pass away more than necessary.)It also causes debilitating joint pain, some unable to walk from the severe pain for days, sometimes lasing much longer on and off... Also causes a rash which is extremely itchy.. So I'm going with a couple of suitcases full of Tylenol, Ibuprofen and Asprin for the high fevers and pain and Benadryl for the itching...
HERE  I  GO  headed down the highway to the airport :) xo
Plane ride was pretty uneventful as usual except the Miami airport trot 5 miles to get to connection international flight :( LOL