Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sunday BBQ, no American Thanksgiving but authentic Haitian BBQ

While in Haiti, actually my 2nd trip when I was at JP HRO they had what they called SUNday FUNday and it's been a tradition ever since, today was no exception and even better with a lot of my friends :)
SUNday FUNday today was a fantastic time, finally got to see almost everyone.. Genesis did a fantastic job getting and having all the food cooked/BBQ'd and setting up the room for all the guests!!! I LOVE getting everyone together and remembering all the things we did together back when we 1st met!!! Some still in the same places, work or living and some moving in all different directions... I never dreamed that education would be an option for most of my friends here but they are showing me how smart and determined they really are... Graduating from High School, going on to Nursing school, things I never even thought about when I met them in all this craziness here!!! So proud of them and so happy to call them my friends!!!
My 1st 2 guests, Florwing & Rebecca, 2 of my girls from JP back in August of 2010 :)

My 3rd guest and he ended up bringing MANY MANY more of his friends including Genesis dog King :) LOL


The B E A U T I F U L Florwing :)

The A D O R A B L E Rebecca :) xo

Here they are, Junior, Shaba daba doo, and my favorite smiler Freddi!!! xooxo

Let's CHOW!! xoxoxo

Haitian SPICY cole slaw :)

 Haitian Potatoe salad, mmmm mmm good!!
 BBQ CHICKEN!!! mmmm mmm good!!!

My favorite, plantains :)

My NOT SO FAVORITE but huge hit rice and beans :)

Cute couple, just playing tho :)

RAUL has grown sooooooo tall!!! Steeve & Josephbrought him for me :) THANK YOU!!!

Look at my baby Raul!!! Not so baby anymore!!! :)

The gangs all here, except Roberto and Abella :(

Steeve and Joseph, thanks for bringing Raul :)

Look behind you Junior, someone is looking for a firend with food :)

Junior isn't sharing, hahahahaha :)

I think Raul has grown over 2 feet since I met him in August of 2010.. H use to hug me around my waist now he is taller than me!!! :)

Love my Raul !!!! xoxoxoXOXOXO :)

Adorable girlies :)


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