Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Getting back on my feet! Haiti kicked my butt literally this trip :(

Sorry it's been awhile since an update from my most recent trip to Haiti but I returned late on a Wednesday night and slept for almost 24 hours and went directly to isolation in the hospital....
I caught a BAD BUG while in Haiti BUT THANKFULLY it didn't hit me until I got home!!! Finally back home and on the road to recovery :) I'm 90% sure this was the culprit that made me sick, looks very good huh, it was but not sure Ill ever be able to eat it again?? MANGO!!! xoxoxoxo
The last few days in Haiti were emotional, I had a terrible migraine and still had LOTS~O~STUFF to distribute.. I finally found a home fr it all plus a large bag of rice to an orphanage close to a friends heart who were in need, which MOST are in need but nice to make it personal for someone you know... It was really hard after that day as there was not much appreciated and ended up being a wild goose chase for some reason after I left for my flight... OH WELL it all worked out and got to where it was intended to go.. Here are just a few pics :) xoxoxo

Lori had mentioned they needed food also so I had Genesis go buy a large bag of rice, hope it helped :)

Couple of light blankets & CD players to top it off :)

MY favorite night time snack that I FORGOT I brought with so I'm sure the kids will enjoy the Nutella!!! :)

I brought 2 bags of 5lbs of chocolate, I'M SURE the kids will enjoy this!!! xoxoxo

Lots of clothes for distribution :)

LOTS~O~Arts & crafts and school supplies:) OOOhhh and sour apple GUMBALLS :)


ONESIES galore!! I was told since they don't have babies at this orphanage that these would be donated at church :) xoxoxo

MORE onesies!!! :)
Thank you all that donated clothing and onsies to my trip!!! It all went to GREAT people in need :) xoxoxoxoxo
HAPPY HOLIDAYS to all!!!! :) xoxoxo

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