Friday, October 12, 2012

Packin & gettin ready for my baby boy in Haiti!!! xoxo

The time has come!!! AND I AM SO EXCITED!!!
It's that time again!!! Packing up to go see my family in Haiti and most importantly to see my baby boy be born!! (From Genesis my everything, and his wife Irene..)
The story is long and very sad but will be a good ending in November..
 Genesis and Irene are having their 3rd baby boy which is so exciting but the sad story behind this is that they have lost their 1st 2 babies in less than 2 years!!!! The 1st baby got sick and passed away before he was 2 then they had another little boy and he was tragically killed in the earthquake less than 2 years alter.....


The baby you see in these pictures is actually another gracious story for Genesis and Irene.. One late night a lady in Genesis tent city went into labor and was having trouble so Genesis took her into the hospital close by... The next morning when he called to see how the mother was, they told him she had passed away during birth. Genesis went to talk and console the family where they proceeded to tell him that they could not take care of the baby... So what did Genesis do??? He stepped up to the plate and has taken care of Rob Carlos Junior ever since... He is now a healthy almost 2 year old:) Not to mention with a brother on the way soon !!! :) xoxoxoxoxo
I am collecting 2 things for this trip November 1st.. SUPER light baby boy clothes, baby supplies and school supplies to stock a friends cyber cafe for local children who are in need of paper or pencils or really any school supplies anyone would like to donate:) Folders, glue stick, pencils, pens, paper notebooks or filler paper.. Paper is pretty heavy so not sure I can take large quantity of paper but everything else I will fit in somewhere :)
If you have any questions or would like more info, please feel free to email me at .. :) xoxoxo

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