Friday, October 19, 2012

Steeve & Josephs Cyber Cafe "Let's help them?" xoxo

Along with my new baby boy this trip I am also helping my friends Steeve
(Steeve & his daughter to my right side of me)
 & Joseph (and his daughter all the way to the left:)!/STJUSTE.J?fref=ts whom have worked really hard for over a year to open their own Cyber Cafe, they are Entrupener C.E.O Managers
Running the latest computer programs and severing the best food D.I.P's CyberCafe & Zamni' M Snack bar.
This is as they were getting it ready for business..
He has reached out to see if I would help him expand his business as there is a big demand for flash drives and SD memory cards. AND something I found touching and hit a cord in my heart, he wants some video games for the kids that have no schooling and are wondering the streets... He let's them come in and have an enjoyable time out of their days of roaming the streets, some looking for trouble... I will be collecting game consoles, controllers and games (I'm game illiterate so I need help here.) I actually found and won a whole big PS2 with 25 games but it was LOST IN THE MAIL!! So any help I can get would be GREAT!!! I have bought cases of SD cards and flash drives for Steeve and Joseph to sell in their cyber cafe and hopefully make a decent profit on them, and if so I will continue to take them for their business to strive..
If you would like to help Steeve & Joseph please feel free to email me at :) xoxoxoxoxox ◉◡◉Sending.∗*¨*♥.¸SPECIAL∗*¨*♥.¸¸HUGS¸.∗*¨*.To∗*¨*♥.¸ U & YURS ∗*¨*♥.¸

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