Monday, May 14, 2012

Grace Center Guest House...SUPER CLEAN & very reasonably priced!!!

Grace Center Guest House in Bon Repos, 9 miles from PaP Airport
Aaron & Ashley 3839-9460
Bon Repos, Haiti

ONLY $25 a night & if you want meals you can pay for them separate.. If you aren’t there, say you are out to dinner one evening, you don’t pay for that meal.. For people like myself who bring cereal to eat in the mornings if I am hungry and Ramen noodles or PB&J for lunch I don’t have to pay for that so saving that extra money can go towards helping others here..

Very safe and secure. Screens on all windows..

Beautiful view out back....

On a large property..
  •  It is run by an American couple with a young daughter whom are very accommodating to your every need...
  •  American food for meals which is a really nice change & totallydifferent than most guest house meals which include Haitian meals such as rice with beans and goat ect so for those like me that can't eat most of the Haitianstyle foods it is really nice..
  • Screens on all windows, no need for mosquito nets!!! HUGE plus for me anyway!!!
Front gate & guard tower..

  • The cost of basic room and board ONLY $25.00 US a day and includes following:
  • Drinking Water
  • Coffee
  • Pleasant hostel style sleeping arrangements (2-4 or 6 to a room)
  • Every bedroom has on full suite bathrooms
  • Beautiful yard with mature trees
  • Flush toilets and showers
  • 24 hour Internet access
  • 24 hour electricity
For additional costs the following services are available:
  • Breakfast, lunch & dinners (drinks included with meals)
  • Soft drinks, juices
  • Transportation to and from the airports for $25 for 1-6 people
  • Private rooms can be arranged depending on availability
      Gorgeous Mountainside views, and very quiet and relaxing grounds...Very safe and secure with 2 guard towers...

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  1. Hello Grace Center,

    My name is Pastor Tim Jarvis and I stayed at your center last year, I would like to know if you can accommodate about 3-4 people during the last week of May 26-31. We are planning a meeting with some Haiti’s Pastor from fare west for two days, your facility have all the arrangements we current in need of. If you are able to accommodate those days please let us know as soon as possible, at the moment we are during fact findings and short term planning for the stay, final details can be discussed later. Thank you for your quick response and hope to see y’all soon.

    God Bless,

    Pastor Tim

    Bread of Life Ministries

    New Port, North Carolina

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