Wednesday, May 9, 2012

OK 1 week update........
Thursday to Saturday: 1st 3 days I had a WONDERFUL time staying and visiting my good friends (they were the couple that Geo & I came here last year for their wedding on the countryside) Roberto Louis-Jacques, his BEAUTIFUL wife Abelard (Abella) and their adorable baby Josua & their house mom (Josua's day mommy while mom & dad are working)..She is so great and is actually Abel’s cousin.. They have the cutest & comfy home and were the best hostesses I could have asked for... They also had great neighbors of whom I did a full photo shoot for their lil girls, she is ADORABLE!!! Mom changed outfits about 10 times and we had sooooo much fun (trying to) take pics to make a photo book for mom and when I get back to the states.. Also for Roberto & Abela of their family, it's going to be sooo cute!!!

Saturday: Genesis Mardi GOOD friend, AND translator, guide, GUARD, driver (all around Haiti partner!! LOL) picked me up and off we went to the guesthouse and set up for the Sunday FUNday pool, BBQ, & chit chat get together with all my JP and Haiti friends and family the next day...

SUNDAY: UNFORTUNATELY since I got my phone stolen at O’Hare on my way here, all I have is my iPad to take pictures and was so busy catching up, playing, getting wet and eating I forgot to bring it out till last minute BUT we had fun and I ALWAYS love seeing everyone from JP again!!! FUN FUN DAY with Steeve Edouard, @Joseph St Juste, @Shaba Lilman, Fredinard Jeanniton, Roberto Louis-Jacques, @Genesis Mardi & my BABY Rob Carlos !!!

Monday: Packed up, Genesis went to rent a car, pick up our 2 dentists (& a car load of portable dental stuff/chairs ect) & off we went for about a 6 hour ride to Les Cayes (La Ki) to see Morgan and her kids at the safe house.. We FINALLY made it out of Port Au Prince about 3ish and got there about 7:30. We had a good night sleep then showtime!!!!

Tuesday: Got up early, set up the portable dentist office and away we went... Many cleanings, fluoride (for everyone) and 16 extractions, a couple small oral surgeries and 40 patients later, Fini.. (finish in Creole)... That was a GREAT day, finally meeting Haiti’s lil Angel of many "lost" children of Haiti, my new friend Morgan Wienberg... What a SWEET girl she is.. But also meeting and taking care of all the kids’ teeth, they were so excited (before the extractions, LOL) and so appreciative of everything.. Not to mention the fun we had with them, coloring with the 6-10 yr. olds, playing race car & baby barbies with the lil ones, (THANKS TO Cherie Chione Miller) red whistle flashlights for most and the house mommies and daddies too… All the house mommies whom take care of the kids & cook in the safe house for Morgan all got beaded necklaces to thank them for the wonderful job they do with all of the children.. They are AMAZING, I don’t think I would be able to do what they do AND they do it with a SMILE on their faces.. Then after all that, and getting their teeth cleaned Auntie Debby gave EVERYONE PIXIE STIX!!! Yes SUGAR in a tube, hahahahahahaha…. Gotta give them a lil sweets too huh???? Hahahaha Oh yeah another hit of the day was the BALLOOOOONS, that’s what they call balls.. I gave the big kids a bunch of beach balls (THANK YOU Vicky Varian!!!!) I still had some left from the last trip ) to the bigger kids to blow up for the lil ones… Not sure the lil one’s ever got to play with them, hahahahaha THEY ALL LOVE BALLS of any kind!!!! Once we finished with the kids, Morgan & Genesis also got a complimentary cleaning… Morgan had told a few of the kids, to get them in the chair, “If you get your teeth cleaned then I will do it too…” So she kept to her word as she passed thru on her way running around doing errands ALL DAY for the kids….. She’s a trooper and one busy lil lady!!!! Once they were done, we cleaned up, packed up and drove back to PaP, another fun 5 hour drive but was nice because the sun was slowly setting as we drove and the countryside here is SPECTACULAR!!! I certainly didn’t get enough pics, especially on the way home cuz my bag was packed tightly along with all the portable dentist equipment in the back…. Finally back in Port Au Prince at about 10pm, just in time to hit the sack for a very well needed night sleep….
Wednesday: Today……. My 1st chance to sleep in and sit here and do NOTHING!! Hahahaha Well at least a chance to get caught up on letting everyone know how I’m doing and what I’ve been up to so there it is, SO FAR……. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo
****Also a HUGE THANKS you to my Mother Gloria Mohr Christenson & Cheri Chione Miller for the TOOTHBRUSHES AND TOOTHPASTE for the kids!!! MUCH MUCH MUCH NEEDED HERE!!!!! Xoxoxoxoxo

Many pictures to follow when the internet is better J

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