Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The unknown is known to the "One and Only!" Wednesday, February 1, 2012 5:16 PM

Dear Family and Friends,
I apologize for the way that you will have to hear this news. I am actually holed away in a small private classroom at Jackson Memorial Hospital.

My family and friends that are here in the waiting room are unaware of what I am about to share. The burden right now is to heavy for me. So, everyone will be finding out at the same time.

I just was called to David's bedside. I met with one of his surgeons and this is what he said. David's body has taken a turn for the worse in the past 24 hours. They tried a change in ventilator hoping that it would be the key that will turn everything around for David. The thought was a kind of last stitch effort to try get air into his lungs to oxygenate the rest of his body. It did not work.

At this point they have run out of treatment options and medications. There are no more proceeders to be done or medications to try. David's lungs are shut down, his kidneys are shut down, his heart is really struggling to hold the load and is only being sustained by medication.

Medicine is finished so, now we need a miracle!

I want you to know that with God ALL things are possible. Nothing, is impossible for Him and He works ALL things together for good for those who love him and are called according to His purposes. David loves God! He has a relationship with Jesus. Many of you reading this post have been on the receiving end of love from him. David puts all of his plans into the hands of "The One and Only Jesus".

One week ago today I got up like any other day. I didn't know what kind of journey we were facing. A week later in the thick of the darkest moments of my our lives together I still believe God can heal David. I just don't know if that is His plan.

Please don't misunderstand me, I am not giving up hope and I am not giving up fighting for David's life but I am laying my Isaac down. I am trusting, with everything that I have, in a God who calls David by name. A God who made David and knows everything there is to know about him and loves him completely.

I believe in a God who desires good things and delights in His children and loves to surprise us with the depths of His love and his power.

So, I am asking tonight that you join me in prayer and praise. That whenever you get home or right where you are, you stop what you were doing and you dance and pray. Cry out to God...believer in Jesus and unbeliever! ASK! Ask God to do a miracle and heal David's body.

Oh God, I cry out to you on behalf of my husband please spare his life. We have so many things to do together and much more life to share. Please Father, heal my husbands body. Restore him to full physical health. Come in power! In Jesus' name. I love you Father and I am going to praise you with all that I have. Please in the power of the Holy Spirit do a miracle in David's body
Wednesday, February 1, 2012 3:20 PM, EST
David's Body
David is out of surgery. Yes! It was very quick! They just cleaned him out and looked around. They didn't want to be in there to long because
David's body is failing. He is still in critical condition and it is hard to know how or what to pray. So many people have been pouring out their petitions and their hearts to God on David's behalf. Twenty-four thousand times this site has been visited in just three days.

What is needed is for David's body to be more on the living side than on the dying side. The doctors, nurses and staff are doing everything they possibly can to save his life. The problem is when they treat one area of his body it has a negative counter effect to another part of his body. So, pray that he makes a turn towards healing.

There may be some confusion about the bullet. Trauma surgeons never chase bullets. They tend to move and so they concentrate on fixing the damage left by the bullet and more often than not leave them in the body. They could not find the bullet at first. Maybe because of the swelling but it was found in his right side a few days ago. It is almost to the surface of the skin. It is not medically necessary to remove. I as his wife want it out. That bullet had an assignment of destruction attached to it and I don't want it in there. So, I am asking the saints to pray that it will work it's way out of the body and to the surface on it's own.

I want you to know that without a shadow of a doubt I know that prayer changes things. So, please do not loose fervor in prayer. Davids situation is critical but not grim because we know who holds his future in His hands.

You know how to pray. Pray without ceasing

Doctor just came out and said if we have a shot at this we need to get him off the pressors that help raise his blood pressure. That is what is causing the cells to constrict which limits blood flow and starts to cut off circulation. That is why his fingers and feet are turning blue. So, they are going to switch him to another type of ventilator hoping that will help him.

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  1. Nicolle, your family doesn't know me - in fact, I'm not even sure if the people from whom I heard your story know you personally. But I'm praying for you. I can't imagine the ache and agony you are facing through this journey of uncertainty. Your faith in our loving God is encouraging to me and, I'm sure, to countless others around the world. My prayer, alongside thousands and thousands of others, is that God chooses to heal your husband, even though all human odds say it won't happen. I know He has done amazing things against far greater odds. But it's also possible that our Creator designed David for a certain purpose that he has fulfilled beautifully in the span of his life that has been so evidently full of love. I don't know, but I can tell from your posts that you love your husband dearly, and that there are neither easy answers nor simple comfort. My heart's cry is that you get many more years together with him. Dear sister in Christ, my prayers and my tears are with you. May God grant you all you need. Love, Andrea


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