Thursday, February 2, 2012

WHO would do this??? "Big Dave"

Nicolle Bosworth Green Bompart

Well if you are wondering why I haven't updated so far this morning is because it has been a rough morning for me and for David. I fell asleep in the waiting room at the hospital for a couple hours and someone climbed over me and stole my laptop. It has all of my pictures on it and that is what I am most worried about. It also is the very means by which I have been encouraged and blessed. More ...importantly the way that I have been able to keep people informed and activate the prayer warriors. My passwords to caringbridge are from a year and a half ago when we started surgeries in Tampa for Mack....and we cant remember them! Stinks to be 45!

Most important is that David is not doing well. He had to be shocked with paddles 3 times last night and 3 times this morning. He is very fragile which is difficult to see. When you have grown to love and depend on someones strength and spirit it is heartbreaking to see them in a coma, frail and failing.

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  1. I only met him once last year at the hospital in haiti but he left an impression of generousity



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