Monday, January 17, 2011

Returned to JP HRO for a visit...

Had a chance to return to JP HRO and visit a few of my friends including my baby boy Raul and Bradley..
Let's go see how the tent camp is doing... 
 Down there is over 55,000 displaced Haitians and it looks no better then it did almost a year ago.
 These people need help to get out of this tent city.. They've built a school for kids that can PAY to go to it.
 FAINE!!!! I love Faine, he's there EVERY SINGLE DAY!!
 Bradley in his BRAND NEW SHOES, thanks Justine for donating all the shoes.. They ALL got good homes and will be used for a long time!!
 There's my COOL DUDE RAUL!! HANG TIGHT my baby Raul!! They all love the glow bracelets every time I go:)
 Bradley was thanking Geo for bringing him his cool new shoes!!
We are all such COOL DUDES HUH??

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  1. These boys are soo loving and appreciative of everything:)


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