Monday, January 17, 2011

January Haiti trip..Cyber Cafe in Delmas 33 OPENING SOON!!

Well this trip was a short but very sweet one... Only 10 days but my husband came with me this time and we helped my translator/guide/FRIEND open a Cyber/Internet Cafe in his tent city in Delmas 33...
I can't help everyone every time BUT I can help one at a time better their lives and move forward into getting out of the tent cities..
 This is the front, built on to Irene's salon, named Amy King Salon
OOOOOOOOps sideways, but you get the picture!! LOL:)

 Hopefully enough cubicles for 7-8 computers.
 Mr. Electrician finishing the outlets..
 Baby Rob~Debby is in training to take over when we branch out into Delmas 32
 Baby Rob~Debby is paying attention and learning quickly.
 Genesis will have 7 or 8 of these in his cafe, "Geo Cyber Cafe"
 He built the cafe onto the front of Irene's salon so they can work together everyday:)
 The name was painted on the front yesterday but we weren't there to take pics, coming soon tho!!
 BUH BYE says my baby Rob~Debby, see you soon:) xoxoxo

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