Monday, January 3, 2011

ONLY 4 more days and I'm back!!

HAITI here I come.. AGAIN...
This trip will be to help my good friends Genesis and his lovely wife Irene.. My husband is going with me and help Genesis open a small internet cafe. We bought 13 small laptop computers, 5 for the internet cafe and the rest for kids and schools in Haiti.. He is going to have computers for his tent city and hopefully we are going to get an internet phone service hooked up for them also. We also purchased, not sure how to describe how much except to say it weighs about 30 lbs. of jewelry for Irene to sell out of her salon.. Last trip we helped her re-open her salon so she can start doing hair and nails again in Delmas 32..
Salon named after ALL our good friend Amy King :)
Going to do some more work on the salon when we go back this time.. Set up for some jewelry sales.
Genesis is building on to the salon to open the Cyber Internet Cafe.. He's naming it after my husband Geo I guess..George is gonna help him set up all the equiptment and wiring.. Anyone wanting to donate to help Genesis and Irene please feel free to contact me or use the donate button..
Pictures of the Cafe will be posted soooooon:)

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