Monday, May 26, 2014

Arkansas Tornado Disaster May 2014

Momma "Pitty" was only 8 months old when she had these 7 puppies :( BUT she was ab excellent momma!!! :) xoxo



This is TOTO boy.....

Then there was "Toto", that's what I named him because he was loose and injured and we couldn't catch him for 8 days... Finally after a lot of screaming from a lot of people watching the outcome on the 7th days and it started storming really bad again that someone finally caught him :) He was scared to death of everyone, when we would get anywhere near him he would bolt into the woods :(  Happy ending tho.... I picked him up and took him directly to the animal hospital about an hour away as that was the only one opened for miles...
He checked out fine but I insisted they give him xrays because he had been limping on his left back leg.. Xrays were unremarkable.. No fractures.. He did have 6 or 8 pretty bad puncture wounds thru out his poor body that were pretty infected.. After we left the hospital I took him to a lovely girl that offered to give him a tick bath as he was FILLED with ticks.. His poor ears were filled to the point I doubt he could hardly hear..
We had to let the tick shampoo on him for 10 minutes.. He didn't seem to mind, he was exhausted :( I pulled a lot of them out of him while sitting in the hospital but after his tick bath she found his bottom end had 100's around his poor lil butt!!! FULL huge ones.. After his bath he got to relax comfortably in a quiet crate and probably had his first good nights sleep safe and sound in almost 2 weeks.. :)
The following day his foster mom picked him up and has loved him since.. I think he is getting a little spoiled but so well deserves it... :)

This is Toto today, all bathed & rested up enjoying his foster mommy and friends :) xoxo

MOHR TO COME TOMORROW about the rest of my adventure to Arkansas :) xoxoxo

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