Friday, June 28, 2013

Haiti in my HEART has gone to Oklahoma ¯\(ツ)/¯‏ ??? ✿◕‿◕ ☺xoxo

Well......... I went out of my comfort zone (Haiti) and headed to Oklahoma after the tornado went thru a little over a month ago... Guess what, not much different except the clean water was plentiful in Oklahoma if not overloaded as it sat in piles on about every other corner & ALL DROP off sites stacked high.. The devastation was the same, homes demolished BUT the biggest difference was all the help and heavy equipment around to move all the debris... You don't see much of that in Haiti in fact the cement rubble is still everywhere and most are still living in tents, actually torn tarps strung over whatever left over debris they can find 3 1/2 YEARS later :(... No floors, no fans, no AIR CONDITIONERS and especially no clean water... ANYWAY, on with Oklahoma....
I didn't do anything medical as I didn't see much of that needed there.. My 1st trip I drove the Hummer and picked up a donated trailer in St. Louis and finished the 12 hour drive..
I mostly did pick ups, transport and drop off to places that needed the supplies or furniture or whatever needed from the bigger drop off sites to the smaller communities like Little Axe, Steelman Estates, Norman, and Pottawatomie County... The smaller towns and communities continue to need support and have been neglected compared to the bigger cities inflicted probably even less than the smaller surrounding areas... I have LOTS-A-PICS for your viewing pleasure, well most not so pleasurable :(
Did most of the same all 3 trips but this last one my lovely sister and brother-in-law DONATED their 16 foot box truck so I filled it 1/2 full with bedroom furniture my 14 year old son donated (pictures below) and we donated our living room furniture and odds and ends... Then I packed up the rest of the load in Joplin from someone who donated a king size bed and frame and linens and more odds and ends all needed desperately... All together I spent about 3 weeks there and would not hesitate to go back if needed or asked OR if anyone else would like to go I'd love to take you along ;)

If there is anyone that would like to help the communities or families in OKi you can click here and EVERY PENNY will go DIRECTLY to help rebuild or with supplies, or whatever it takes to get these people back into homes and help make their lives easier while getting into the their new places... PLEASE DO NOT GIVE TO THE RED CROSS!!! My personal experience with them for years in Haiti and again now in Oklahoma is not food, they collect MILLIONS of dollars and assist for a couple weeks then keep the rest of the MILLIONS of $ collected...ALL their money goes into a general pot and not directly to the survivors of each devastation... They were GONE within a couple weeks while EVERYONE was still in shambles, no housing, not enough supplies to continue moving forward... I can personally recommend a few people and groups that are still there and will continue until.......
Follow any of these links and do whatever it is you choose, donate money, supplies needed, volunteer or anything that is convenient for you personally.. :)  OR if there are enough people to help me fill a huge U-Haul with furniture and/or supplies, (household goods, towels, sheets, pillows, lamps, blankets, can openers, coffee makers, toasters EVERYTHING) I would be willing to drive back to OKi a 4th time to deliver it to families in need personally :) Contact me directly thru facebook message or email me thru my blog if you are interested :) xoxo 
Debby :) xoxo ♥ 
¯\(ツ)/¯‏ LOVE everything HAITI .xoXOxoXO ✿◕‿◕ ☺
☺Sending .∗*¨*♥.¸ SPECIAL ∗*¨*♥.¸¸ WAVE ¸.∗*¨*. 2 ∗*¨*♥. ¸U ∗♥ █▄◯▼E ¯\(ツ)/¯‏
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