Monday, January 30, 2012

Sound the Alarm!! Urgent Prayer request for "BIG DAVE!!!!"

Approximately 1 this afternoon...from Nicolle Bosworth Green Bompart
SPECIAL∗*¨*♥.¸¸SMILE¸.∗*¨*.To∗*¨*♥.¸all ∗*¨*♥.¸¸of the∗*¨*♥.¸¸BOMPART FAMILY ∗*¨*♥.¸¸Sending∗*¨*♥.¸HUGS &∗*¨*♥.¸¸LoVe¸.∗*¨* to .∗*¨you*♥.¸ ∗♥aLL∗*¨*♥.¸¸xoxoxo

Dear Family and Friends, Sound the Alarm!! Urgent Prayer request! They are concerned that David's Colon is dying. If it doesn't turn and get healthy, they will have to remove it and they are very, very concerned that he will not survive the surgery. We need his body to make a drastic turn in the right direction in t...he next 24 hours. I will give more details on caringbridge later but we need to activate the incredible praying army that God has raised up on our behalf. We love appreciate each one of you and your willingness to walk through this journey with us! Please get this out right away!

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