Wednesday, March 16, 2011

DANNY PYE has been RELEASED from the Jacmel HAITI prison!!

VIA: Leann Pye
I was trying to keep thinks quiet until he was safely out of Haiti. However, some things are impossible to keep quiet. Especially really great and wonderful news. Our prayers, tears, and words have been heard and responded with a YES!! Danny is free and is out of Jacmel spending some time with the kids. We will be unavailable until next week. Thank you all for your support and prayers. God is good!

UPDATE 03/16/11: DANNY PYE IS FREE! Thank you to all who have helped in so many ways to raise awareness of Danny's situation. Your prayers and other help is most appreciated. Danny and Leann still urgently need support for their Haiti mission. Please see below for details on how to donate through Global Effect to help get the mission back on its feet.

Danny Pye is an American citizen from Bradenton, Florida who now runs an orphanage in Jacmel, Haiti with his wife Leann.  He has been held in jail in Jacmel since October 2010 having committed no crime and without any charges being filed against him.  Leann is back in the Bradenton, FL and due to deliver the couple's second child in a matter of weeks.

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