Thursday, February 10, 2011

UNFORGETTABLE Moments from JP HRO last August!!

Tucker, Rhegs, Jeremy, and all my friends that were there last year at JP, I MISS YOU ALL!
Here is a few pics & clips that remind me of the wonderful people that were all together last summer!!

Rhegs, Tucker and the gang singing away: >!/video/video.php?v=1364093584636

TUCKER singing the same song in remembrance of our experience:>
RHEGS giving her Women's Clinic Lecture, and did a fantastic job!!
Rhegs loves the babies.
Tenzin using the BIG SAW!! Good thing Shaba is helping her!!
LOVE LOVE LOVE my Raul!! xoxoxo
The ONLY time we were let loose from JP, we all went for a few cocktails and a relaxing evening.. Tucker was sooooo not wanting to go out but so glad we got him to go!!!
THE WHOLE CREW unpacked and organized all of the HUGE containers of medical supplies!! LONG DAY but fun day!!
SOOO glad I met Nurse Abbellard.. Who would have thought that 4 months later I would go to her wedding in Haiti to Roberto, another Haitian worker at JP!!
GIRLS night out!! Rhegs, Me, FiFi, Aleda, Val and Rebecca AND AUDREY is there somewhere!!

I've been to Haiti 4 times since last April but this trip with these WONDERFUL people was by far the most memorable!!
I miss and LOB YOU ALL!! xoxoxo

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