Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A message from LP himself!!!

A Message From LP

First of all, thank you for all of your support. I feel that saying thank you can’t
even begin to express the way I feel about the outpouring of help I see
coming in to assist us. And yet there is still much I don’t see.
I could have continued working in Haiti and would’ve been happy even though no one knew I was there.
Of course I’d be really happy to not have had this disappointing chain of events even take place.
It saddens me that MMRC’s mission has been put on the back burner during this time,
knowing our team is not out there concentrating on saving lives and that lives are
lost rather than saved. The kids that we aid in the orphanages must feel abandoned.
To see our team hurt at the sight and thought of one of us in such a predicament
hurts me to the core. We all know this should never have happened and it makes it harder to bear.
I fear this will stop many aid workers from coming to Haiti. Please don’t
punish the Haitian people. They are a great people and are in desperate need for help and they truly deserve it.
We, as a first world nation, have the ability to give them the aid and the means to
evolve into a thriving and developing country.  Haiti is a “diamond in the rough.”
We possess the power and have the heart among our people to see this country
through a very tough time.
We owe it to our neighbors to see this through all the way. We will one day
look at Haiti as a first world country. One day we’ll all look back and be proud we
were a part of an amazing time and event in history.
I am so happy to know so many Haitians as my brothers and sisters. I will
never be able to leave Haiti with more than it has given me. My life has
forever been changed for the better.
No American I know could live every day in the conditions the Haitians do and
still wear a smile each waking day. Yet the Haitians do it every day.  If they allow
me, I will stay until I am no longer needed. I love Haiti and the Haitian people. I
pray one day that they will be blessed with the life every human on earth deserves.
These are the rules of MMRC and by them you can see the kind of people BP & LP are:

The Rules


Rule #1)  Assess the situation:  If we assess your situation and determine that you need help we will provide it.
Rule #2)  Make sure it’s free:  If you are not charging the Haitian people for your services and what you provide has no strings attached then we will help you.
Rule #3)  Don’t lie: If we find out that you have been lying to us about anything we will cut you off.  If we feel that the children in an orphanage will suffer from our absence we will work on having them placed in a better environment.
MMRC will not tolerate the continued suffering of children in Haitian orphanages.
Rule #4)  Do whatever it takes: We will do whatever it takes to make sure that the people we support have what they need. We will go to shady parts of town; work through the night, beg or borrow whatever we can to get what we need, and barter everything we own to make something happen. We are the only group here doing what we do and without us many people will suffer. We can not fail.
Rule #5)  Enjoy the Little Things:  It is all about remembering to to enjoy the little things because if you don’t, you will lose your mind here.
If you appreciate their efforts in HAITI, please help them keep going on by donating to the cause:

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