Tuesday, December 28, 2010

LP NOT FREED...Back to square 1 for today!!! LET'S BREAK'em out!!!

LP is being returned to the National Penitentiary. There will be no release today. We will keep you updated.
BP will be sharing more details later. I know you all are wondering what steps to take next and we will pass along what MMRC and LP need from us as a group as soon as we figure that out.

Please try to stay positive. For now, direct your energy towards notifying your media contacts that LP has not been released and encourage them to do a follow-up story.

And, vote for MMRC at http://www.eaglerarelife.com/content/paul-sebring.
From FREE LP page: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_177462285615916&ap=1#!/home.php?sk=group_177462285615916&notif_t=group_activity
Josiane Hudicourt Barnes I am not really sure about this but I believe there is another administrative level. The judge sends his finding to a prosecutor, the prosecutor needs to agree with the finding before he is released.
  • Tina Phelan There very well may be a next "procedure" or the other "administrators" make it up as they go....it is very frustrating. Nevertheless, we all serve a higher God Who is more powerful than any amount of dismay we all may have. Will keep praying on all levels for all involved, and for LP to keep his faith and upbeat attitude!

  • AC360 is collecting information for another story. Just spoke with someone hopefully putting a piece together to air tonight. Thank you Charlie Moore for keeping this in front of the nation!

  • Oped piece about LP (with photo) to be published in the Boston Herald tomorrow. Will share once released.


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