Tuesday, April 17, 2012

TIME TO HEAD BACK!!! Here I come HAITI!!! xoxoxo

Haiti, here I come again...

Plan A: Having a BIG BBQ get together Party for all my Haitian family and friends..
Plan B: Taking a Haitian Dentist friend to Les Cayes to do check ups, fluoride and whatever needs to be done at an orphanage, safe house and some street kids that a friend of mine is taking care of..
Plan C: Helping my GOOD FRIEND Roberto with his new Organization which is going to help the less fortunate up on the countryside where he was married and his wife's family lives, with Clinic needs, food and clothing... That will be exciting helping him pull it all together!!

If anyone is interested in getting involved or helping me help the children with their dentistry needs here are a couple ways you can do so:
1) Donate toothbrushes, small toothpaste tubes, floss, or ANY dental needs..
2) Donate $10 to have a child's teeth cleaned and a fluoride treatment.
3) Donate $25 to have a family of 3 children's teeth cleaned and fluoride.
4) Donate $50 to get a whole family of 6 get all dental needs taken care of.
4) If you know of a dentist who may be interested in donating, fluoride, analgesic, composite and sealant. Whatever I don't have donated before I leave I will have to buy. The Dentist I am hiring to do the treatments (a young unemployed Haitian dentist) only has portable chairs and a bag full of instruments, I have to buy everything else for him.. 
Please feel free to donate here: http://fnd.us/c/cCkM9

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