Thursday, January 26, 2012

MORE SAD NEWS FROM HAITI!!! Big Dave (Dave Bompart) was shot in Haiti!!

Prayer requests: My dear friend Nicolle needs prayers for her husband David who is in Haiti now. From Nicolle Bosworth Green Bompart Prayer Update- @David Bompart (BIG DAVE from Medishare) was shot in the abdomen today during a robbery at the bank. He was shot in the abdomen. He ran 2 1/5 blocks to the hospital where he is being taken care of now. He is at MediShare, which is where he used to work. Nicolle was able to talk to him about an hour and a half ago, and he was on morphine but stable. We just received update about 15 minutes ago saying that David was in pain and because of what the doctors have been able to figure out (it was a 9mm bullet which supposedly can do the worst damage), he was going into surgery. They prayed with the doctors and the doctors seem confident. Nicolle is getting on a flight in about 30 minutes to head to Miami. She can't leave for Haiti until morning.

P.J. Pitts
Big Dave update: Dave is out of surgery, stable and resting. He was shot in the abdomen during a robbery at a bank in Haiti. The robbers stole his car, so he walked - while trying to keep pressure on his bullet wound - the 2-3 blocks to the hospital he and I used to work are (Bernard Mevs/Medishare). He is there now, and Nicolle was able to talk to him before his surgery. He is in a lot of pain - understandable since someone put a 9mm bullet in his stomach. Nicolle will be on the first flight in tomorrow. Please keep them both in your thoughts and prayers. — with David Bompart.

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Micaela Terese Thanks for the update, P.J.
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Amanda Marie Goddard Yes, thank you so much for the update
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Karyn Pierpoint Elsenbach Glad to hear he is doing ok! Dave and Nichole are in our prayers
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