Thursday, January 12, 2012

Just a few words from my friends and family on this 2nd anniversary of the Haiti EQ 1-12-10

David Bompart
Says Big Dave arrived back in Haiti on Jan 6th and today I felt the heaviness of the people who are working with us at the site for the building of the orphanage to house 37 kids. The reflection of two years ago is and will be evident and impact the lives of Haitians for years to come. In the midst of it all we were brought together by this disaster extending our arms as best as possible. I salute...
This was a moment that forever changed my life. Angels like Luckner Jean & his family Luckny Jean gave us volunteers much much more than we gave them. It was the biggest honor to have witnessed Luckner's bravery & self-lessness in the face of incomprehensible horror & devastation. Luckner touched all those who came into contact with him.. inshallah he is now resting in peace.

when Luckner & I 1st met
all photos taken with permission of patients- as always.

Clare Harwood
Thinking of Haiti today, and especially of all my wonderful friends, colleagues and students there. I miss you! And I thank every single one of you for all you've done for me.

Today marks 2 years since the devastating earth quake hit Haiti. As that event happened we had no idea that our lives would also be forever changed. We have our own earthquake survivor living in our home and David and I have been serving in Haiti ever since. We are now building an orphanage there. Today my husband, Greg Gammon, the Kenfield's and 15 Haitians gathered and prayed for their count..
 Sionfonds for Haiti

beautiful tribute to Haiti before and after the earthquake. The children are the future of Hait!
Debby Mohr
In honor of our Haitian friends and family, at least for today let's all display the Haitian flag as our profile picture to show our LOVE & SUPPORT??? ☺≁≁☺Sending.∗*¨*♥.¸SPECIAL∗*¨*♥.¸¸WAVE¸.∗*¨*.To∗*¨*♥.¸ALL my HAITIAN friends & Family∗♥█▄◯▼E✘✪ xoxoxo ♥♥♥♥ XOXO
Keep the wave going :) ∗♥█▄◯▼E✘✪ xoxoxo ♥♥♥♥ XOXO
Lesli Petit-Phar

‎2 years ago I almost died in the quake the devastated my beloved island. Listen have a moment of silence for the countless lives that was lost that day. 100
Life Giving Force

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Haitian people on the 2nd anniversary of the Haiti earthquake. The LGF Haiti team want you to know that we are as dedicated as ever to helping Haiti get back on its feet. Men anpil, cha
Amy King

‎"Le bon combat est celui qui est engagé au nom de nos rêves. Pour atteindre son rêve, le combattant sait qu’il ne peut pas se laisser aller dans la routine. La routine n'aide pas à soulever des montagnes."
And in Haiti there are so very many mountains.......
Thinking of you today

Rest in peace my little Godson Christopher who died at 16 months old....he'd barely learned to walk
Photo from the book "Séisme - Haïti, 12 Janvier 2010" of which I am grateful to have received as a gift (artwork by Pascale Monnin)

Lisa Van Dyke
‎2 years ago at this hour I was bathing and packing and eating a breakfast of rice and eggs in Peguyville. I had spent a month getting to know Didi, Marie Therese, Stanley, Ficadu, and many, many others. I was at ease and loving Haiti, eagerly planning my next visit, said my goodbyes. Hopped on the moto to the airport and boarded a plane at @ 2. It was after arriving in NY that all of us on the flight learned what had happened to the people, country we had just left. The best days of my life melted into the worst. Please take a moment & recall the victims of Haiti's earthquake.
Hope to Haiti

Two years ago today...  Two years ago today... Check out my latest campaign by Constant Contact.

Brittany Crush  Thinking of Haiti today. 2 years.
Project Medishare for Haiti, Inc.
On today’s 2 year anniversary of the devastating #Haiti earthquake, take a minute to look at this moving video:
The Hands & Feet Project
Just a small thank you for your support. We cannot believe it has been two years since the earthquake! We are thankful for the Lords protection, and are continually praying for the thousands still affected.
This has been a very emotional night for me. I just finished my latest blog it is dedicated to all those that died two years ago, all those who survive, all those still in tents, and all those who served as volunteers. Please read it at!/2012/01/kumammatata-circle-of-life.html

Joseph St Juste
‎2yrs on this day. Gessica and I almost lost our lives to the Haiti earthquake. Just make you think about life a little more. I am grateful we are still here. Just thanking GOD everyday!!!

Bill Waterman
‎2 years and 17 minutes ago a 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck Haiti shaking for 40 seconds. and 63,073,020 seconds later there is still over 250,000 people living in tents. There is no real access to medical care, and hunger is still prevalent, and they still have the highest poverty and infant death rate in the western hemesphere. Join with me in prayer, but also join with me to cause change ... go to to volunteer or give today. You can sponsor a child or missionary or food distubution (chicken run) today. You can make a difference every dollar counts in a country where the average yearly wage is $350 a year. You can also join my team at
Home - Danita's Children
We are home to 100 orphaned children, a school for more than 500 children and 18,000 meals are fed each month. A church for more than 500 community members provides a place of spiritual hope and healing.
Annie Blackstone
We remember

We remember those who passed on and those who remain, 

never to be the same

Those who remain continuing to live, to love, to struggle and to share,

Continuing to work for a better tomorrow

We remember the tremendous outpouring of support from around the world.

Sionfonds will be forever grateful that we were able to aid Haitians in need within days of the earthquake. We sent much needed supplies and resources into the country before the extent of the damage was known, before we knew our office had fallen killing and trapping staff members, before we knew how the 200 children at Foyer De Sion Orphanage were, before we knew hundreds of thousands of people had died. Sionfonds was only able to send help (and continue to do so today) because of the dedicated Haitians who are Sionfonds in Haiti and the generous and committed people, like you, who are Sionfonds outside of Haiti. Together we continue to assist Haitian children and their families, we create jobs, promote education, empowerment and self-sufficiency person to person every day.

We continue our work in remembrance of those who passed on

And in celebration and hope for all those who

Live On

We cannot thank you enough for hearing Haiti’s call for help two years ago and today.

With deep gratitude and respect,

Annie Blackstone
Sionfonds for Haiti
Director and Founder since 2005
Sean Casey
Engulfed in the sounds of song, prayer, helicopters overhead, drums and weeping. Port-au-Prince is crying, celebrating, and remembering.
Jenny Chapman
Getting ready to speak about God's call in Haiti. Hoping to bring Him glory — at First Presbyterian Church.
Lori Goldberg
Please consider joining us for a magical evening!
Jitterbug Pearce
Thinking today about all the lives lost, and the lives forever changed. It's been exactly two years and just about this time of the evening when the deadly earthquake struck. God bless those who are still struggling to rebuild.
It goes on & on & on.... This is why I LOVE HAITI and all it's people!! xoxoxo
☺≁≁☺Sending.∗*¨*♥.¸SPECIAL∗*¨*♥.¸¸WAVE¸.∗*¨*.To∗*¨*♥.¸ALL my HAITIAN friends & Family∗♥█▄◯▼E✘✪ xoxoxo ♥♥♥♥ XOXO

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