Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I'm Counting on God!!! BIG DAVE update.....

Tuesday, January 31, 2012 11:47 AM, EST
I got to spend the morning with David. I started reading aloud to him all of the amazing notes, scriptures, songs and prayers that have been posted in the guestbook on this site. We printed what we had received up until 1:00 am on Saturday night and there was 199 pages! Woo! Hoo! Hallelujah! You guys rock.
I also read to him the guestbook we have here at the hospital. Every time there was a song I sang it to him. My voice was quite shaky at first but it got stronger as the morning went on. These notes, songs and scriptures are life giving to David and to me.

Last night with David's cousins and friends we had awesome prayer time and fantastic worship time and today I woke up hopeful. "I am counting on God".
In a few minutes David is going into surgery. Well before I could type this the surgery was finished. The did take out part of his colon and some of the intestines. They are going in now to check on getting the bullet out. We will be in a waiting period for the rest of the day. They may have to go back in if they have concerns.
Prayer -That everything else inside will be alive. That they will be able to remove the bullet meant for his destruction. That he will be able to keep every finger, every toe and everything else. That the enemy will have no more victory over him. Pray that I continue to see Jesus at every turn(good and bad) and that I will be able to do this well.
Thank you for walking through this with us! Your presence brings us love and hope everyday.
Note 1: Please keep the guestbook posts coming. When you put a scripture reference or song reference consider typing it out so that it is easier for me to read and sing to him by his bedside.
Note 2: I thank you for the gifts given on the page. I want to make sure that everyone is aware that those gifts go to caringbridge and not to David and myself. That is fine because they do a great service for many and each gift is appreciated. However, I wanted to make sure that gifts are being appropriated the way the giver wants them to.
Doctors say David Bompart's organs are failing, and family and friends are praying for his recovery. Get the story.

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