Monday, January 30, 2012

All you have to do is text ewoi to 90210....

Anyone local who wants to join us, we will be having a time of praise and worship on behalf of David Bompart and Nicolle Bosworth Green Bompart at 8p at Upper Arlington Lutheran Church - 2300 Lytham Rd, Columbus 43220. I am working on a webcast, so those of you at a distance, check back and if I'm able to get it to work, I will post the link here in the comments. If you are musical, come on along with your instrument. If you're like me and have a better song in your heart than on your lips, come and join us too!

The next 24 hours are going to be the most crucial hours of David's life. In order to quicker mobilize the army of support, worshippers and prayer warriors we have set up an Eyes Wide Open mobile channel. All you have to do is text ewoi to 90210. This will then give you access to regular texts on David's current medical conditions so that you can pray! The service to us is free however, normal texting rates apply from your mobile phone carrier. Prayer changes things!

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