Friday, September 23, 2011

This is CARLOS story, by Bill Waterman..... #HAITI

Bill Waterman

This is Carlos story.
In April of 2010, at the age of 10, Carlos climbed and fell out of a tree. As his mother describes it, "he fell sitting down." As a result of this fall, Carlos emitted blood in his urine; however, after 15 days, he was unable to urinate whatsoever. Carlos was taken to a local clinic here in Ouanaminthe and immediately sent to a facility in Cap-Haitien, where medical personnel put in a catheter (that was botched?). It has been 17 months since Carlos had the accident. His countenance attests to his suffering. He lives in excruciating pain, but bears it stoically or with quiet tears. He frequently hunches over and holds his abdomen. Carlos hasn't been able to attend school since his accident. He loves playing soccer, but can't. Carlos is an 11 year little boy who is suffering without any hope of relief. I prayed with Carlos this afternoon, asking God to perform a miracle on his behalf. I reminded Carlos that God sees his tears and hasn't forgotten him.

I haven't seen this child personally, but he is in Quanaminthe Can anyone help with a urologist?

A friend examined Carlos this past Sunday. As to history he has the same foley and iv bag for urine collection as was inserted 17 months ago. He prayed with him and promised I would do all I could for him.

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