Thursday, September 15, 2011

Team of cardiac Surgeons will be at Hospital Sacred Heart in Milot in Jan 2012

VERY IMPORTANT Post on facebook from Amy King:

A team of cardiac surgeons will be at Hospital Sacred Heart in Milot in Jan 2012. You may refer patients with Congenital Heart Disease secondary to Rheumatic Fever from now through Sept 16 for screening assessments.
For more information, please contact:
(509) 3848-5808 (Dr Harold Prévil)
(509) 3780-8448 (Mme Emmanuela Norcéide Béliard)
(509) 3705-3957 (Mme Cilien Joselène)

ALSO.............VIA: Amy King
US vasectomy experts are returning Oct 10/11 to offer vasectomies in the village of Plaisance. If you have referrals or questions, you can email Dr Stein at, or, for a Kreyol explanation, contact Dr Fritz Lolagne at Haitian health professionals who want to learn the procedure are also invited to email them about training opportunities.

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