Thursday, August 4, 2011

ARTS & CRAFTS for my Haiti children...DONATIONS welcome °♥˚•★*˚.ღ✫☻/ღ*♥♥˚✰˚★*ღ˛°∟∅∇∈█▄◯▼E✘✪✘✪╳◯╳◯✖❁✖❁XOXO ×⊚×⊚ ⓧⓞⓧⓞ

Looking for DONATED coloring books, crafts, colored pencils/markers, paints/brushes, stickers,  construction paper, anything that our kids in Haiti will want to do at camp... My 14 year old daughter Briel Castellese is going to be in charge of arts & crafts so if anyone would like to donate anything, let me know..You can drop it off or I'll pick it up :)
Sincerely, Debby...XOXOxoxoxoXOXO ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥°♥˚•★*˚.ღ✫☻/ღ*♥♥˚✰˚★*ღ˛°∟∅∇∈█▄◯▼E✘✪✘✪╳◯╳◯✖❁✖❁XOXO ×⊚×⊚ ⓧⓞⓧⓞ

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