Thursday, June 30, 2011

WHAT?????? U.S. Forced Haiti To Nix Raising Its Minimum Wage To 62 Cents???

Posted by JacobSloan on June 29, 2011
ouanaminthe_784119An incredibly infuriating Wikileaks revelation, via the Nation. To sum up: desperately poor Haiti planned to raise its minimum wage from 24 cents per hour to 62 cents, angering the contractors for U.S. corporations such as Levis and Hanes, who pay slave wages to Haitians who sew our clothes. The Obama administration intervened on behalf of those companies, and bullied the Haitian government into setting the mark at 32 cents.
To put things in perspective, upping the hourly wage to 62 cents would have cost Hanes an additional $1.6 million each year. Hanesbrands turned $211 million in profit last year and CEO Richard Noll personally was paid $10 million.


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