Sunday, June 19, 2011

Watson (a 4 yr old boy) needs your help!!! Can you help him?? xoXOxoXO

 From:  Daniel Doremy on facebook....
He is 4 Y.O. boy living in the Tomasssin area in PauP. I am an ICU nurse visiting from Canada. I am not an expert on PEDS but he seems to be exhibiting Croup symptoms: I noticed inflammed tonsils (not reponsive to several course of Antobiotics), labored breathing at inhalation every few breaths, pus coming out of his ears on and off. If anybody can tell me where i can get some help it would appreciated.

I am am Daniel
My local number 36 92 00 25 in PauP

thanks for taking the time to read this

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  1. Not sure what resources you have over there but if you can get your hands on a vaporizor to place near the child as you know will help lessen the symptoms of croup/ vocal cord swelling. It is said that most cough & cold medicines are ineffctive to children ( Not sure what you have been administering). Usually cortisone medications are used for more serious cases of croup. Children who have severe croup can develop an ear infection which may be an explanation for the pus discharge from his ears. If this is the case or pneumonia. When a child gets croup, elevating the head is always recommended. A nebulizer with medications might help open his airways some. Usually when a child is brought into an emergency room, an injection of steroids are given which is a standard treatment that is safe in children as young as 3 months. Please keep me utd on watson. Thank you. If you have any questions, dont hesitate.


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