Friday, June 24, 2011

VERY SAD news on an earlier story...XOxoXOxoXO

This was the original shout out for help for a good friend (Haitian Medical Student) in Haiti.
Does anyone know of a GOOD Haitian or American Doc.. that would go to diknini (not sure if I am spelling that right) hospital to assess my friends father who is very ill. My friend has paid for 5 days of hospitalization, which he has already been in the hospital for three. Nothing has been done! Finally a hemograme was done today but... the results have to be read tomorrow because there is no doc to be found! The patient has not had a bowel movement for 7days! The last time he had a BM it was black! BP 80/60. He is in extreme pain is sweating alot and feels dizzy. I am afraid of a GI Bleed! Doctor came into day and said he is fine and only needs papaya juice and no further tests need to be done. Mean while he has lost about 10 to 15 pounds in a week because he cannot eat. Very frustrating to say the least!

If anyone has any other ideas please let me know. They are not rich and transportation is an issue. I am willing to help as much as I can! Thank you everyone! God bless you! Please pray for him.

  • J H     9 hours ago
    Hi Debby... i am sorry to say that we lost Samuel's dad on Saturday. By the time I found a place for him to go it was to late. Wow I am terribly saddened because we finally got the test results the day he passed. Thank you so much for your help. Jamie.

  • THANK YOU Jenna, Danny, Nathan, Doc Steve, & Doc Q for all of you recommendations and suggestions.. Sad to say we lost our friend NEEDLESSLY!!!

  • Debby Mohr Castellese
    Debby Mohr Castellese    11 hours ago

  • OOOOOOOOOOOOOO NOOOOOOOOO, I am soooooo sorry Jamie... Don't think for one minute that you could have done anymore than you did!!! That is soooooooooo sad.. You did everything you could do and they were lucky to have you!!! xoxoxo ♥♥♥♥

  • J H  9 hours ago

  • Thanks Debby, The more I think about it the more I realize how many obstacles there are to overcome in the world of Haiti. I have to say I am very disturbed by the way both the public and private hospitals are run. In the private hospitals if you don't have money they let you lay there to die. Samuel's dad laid in dikini hospital four 4days without a single test run because he did not realize that when he paid for the 5 days of hospital stay that was exactly what they meant. Nothing more and nothing else. On the 4th day he was finally told that he need to pay 17,000 Haitian dollars in order to get testing and to pay the docs... He did not have that money so they took him to medishare hospital where they instantly ran labs and did an abdominal xray. The xray showed he had an obstruction. However, Medishare did not have a bed nor did they have a surgeon to do the surgery. So they transported him off to General, where he laid in the hospital for 2 days with nothing done except for a generalized STD test. meanwhile he slipped in coma, which finally go their attention. His blood sugar was tested came out to be 680. The Docs said he did not have an obstruction and that he was diabetic and constipate. No CBC, CMP, or EKG was done absolutely NOTHING! I was frantically on the phone trying to get him somewhere else. Medishare was going to take him back but Samuel could not get him there because his father was in a coma. So Samuel stayed at the hospital for three days straight giving his father insulin, making sure the IV solution was running. Got his BGL down to 200 and his father started coming out of it. However, Samuel left to go get some sleep and when he arrived someone had gave his father D5W IV solution. Evidently he received 6 bags of it and was not getting the insulin on a regular basis. After that Samuel got Normal Saline for his father, tested his sugar and again is was in the 600. Samuel again did the same thing,and his father was able to finally sit up and wanted to eat. Samuel thought his father was getting better so he went home to get some sleep. His aunt and uncle then gave Samuel's father a ensure drink thinking it would be good for him. two hours later his father died. I really am not sure if Samuel's father had an underlying condition that would have been terminal or if it was a very tragic loss that could have been prevented. Samuel is a medical student so he knows how neglectful they were. He tried everything possible with what he had to keep his father alive. Now he has to move from his neighborhood that he lived in all his life because he is afraid that someone will harm him because he has property. Please pray for him. I am still shaken by this .. The only thing that gets me through is I believe in a God that is control of all things. His plan in perfect even when we can't understand.

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