Thursday, June 23, 2011

CHOLERA outbreak is on the UPRISE again... URGENT HELP needed!!

  • We are working with a Local Organization called “SOPABO (Solidarité des Paysans de Boucan Carré: Solidarity of the Peasants of Boucan Carré) to bring relief to the population of Boucan Carré . While we have to attack the problem to its roots (water and sanitation issues), we’ve got now to provide some basics Hygiene and sanitary item...s (tablets to treat water, Oral Rehydration salts, buckets to store clean water, hands sanitizer etc . Please let us know how you can help. Send an email to us ( or call us at 509-3105-0900. It’s an EMERGENCY, THANKS IN ADVANCE!!!

  • Yesterday at 9:08am 
     Jude Jean
    Good Morning!!!
    A friend called me yesterday night to inform me that a kid who came downtown of Boucan Carré to pass the States Exams (Certificat de Fin d’Etudes Primaires) died from Cholera… Every day, more people are being infected in Boucan Carré and sometimes, the rivers. We know that Zanmi Lasante staff is doing their best, but the Commune of Boucan Carré is very large and there’s a lot to do. Please help us save lives in Boucan Carré.

    Cholera Outbreak in Haiti. Let's Help
    VIA: Jamie Hatleberg..
    Has anyone heard of Amerihaiti Hospital?

    589 Impressions April 25 at 8:08pm
    Project Medishare for Haiti, Inc.
    This adorable infant lost his mother to Cholera. The woman who was taking care of him following his mother’s death only had flour and water to feed him which made him very ill. Luckily he was brought to Hospital Bernard Mevs where he is expected to make a full recovery!
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