Tuesday, June 7, 2011


From LP:

We found 3 dead. A mom holding her baby w/another at her feet.

I tied off at the top of the slide and repelled down yelling into every pile of house. Checking how stable each was ahead of Howard and Nate.... They came down behind me and continued to search.

Daylight we found 2 girls. One w/huge gash across her knee and a blow to her... head. The other w/badly hurt leg.

Transported both to Medishare.
Debby Mohr Castellese
MMRC-Haiti is asking for anyone with search & rescue experience to contact them in PaP ASAP. There's been a large mudslide between Petionville & Rou Frere with several homes buried and they are looking for help.
  • Maeve Mc Goldrick Can someone give me directions.... Trying to get throught to PJ and several others but all phones are off!!! I will bring a truck and supplies but need direction!! Maeve x
    Debby Mohr Castellese Passing it along Maeve Mc Goldrick.. THANKS SO MUCH...Did you try the number above? 34387073, not sure who it is BUT they need help..
    Debby Mohr Castellese Mauve :From Nancy, They are sleeping after being up over 24 hours. E-mail me at murdocknancik8@gmail.com and I will obtain directions.
So proud of Paul Douglas Waggoner and Nathan Mckenzie who worked through the night with only rope and their bare hands to search for survivors in horrible Haitian mudslide.
MMRC responds to tragic mudslide in Peguy Ville, Haiti

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