Friday, April 15, 2011

Want to help Alicia, Dalia & many more?

Help Change The Life Of Alicia and Dalia…
APRIL 14, 2011

BY BIG PAUL with MMRC Global

For the last 6 weeks I have been intolerable. Those around me have had to deal with my short temper, lack of communication and high expectations. I have been going through a personal hell and have had to deal with so many things that normally I would not tolerate. MMRC was founded on the concept that we get shit done and we always have an “all go, no quit” attitude. Since we arrived in Guayaquil I have had to deal with bureaucratic hurdles, red tape, empty promises and failing commitments from so many different people. My patience has been tested and my nerves have been fried. And why? What for? I often wonder, “Why would anyone volunteer to deal with all this crap?”
Well here is the answer…

Today we found our first 2 patients for cleft lip/pallet repair and I was just informed that we will be seeing at least 5 more tomorrow. All of the hard work that we have been doing is finally starting to pay off. We have been informed that there are over 500 kids with cleft lips/pallets that need our help.
That is why we are here. To bring together those that need the help with those that want to help.
I implore everyone that reads this blog post to please help this program succeed. Help us changes the lives of children like Alicia and Dalia, the two little girls whose picture you are looking at. We have been lucky enough to find these patience and will be finding so many more that need help. LEAP is helping us by providing surgical teams, and there are other groups that want to participate as well, but we need your donations to help buy the supplies needed for their care.
I did the math and we need to raise $175 per child to cover the cost of their surgeries. That’s it, $175 each.
Help us change the lives of these kids and donate..

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