Thursday, April 28, 2011

HERE I GO!!! Back to school to brush up on my medical skills...

Time to brush up on my medical skills and update my EMT & 1st Response Certifications..
Need to find one of these books, any EMT friends out there have one?? The college wants $161 for it!!
OH well I have a few weeks to find or buy one:) I'm not a big class fan but hopefully I will have a fun teacher who won't rule with a wooden ruler, like Liz hehehe.. JK Liz, you were a great teacher, I was just a terrible SPANISH student!!!
Have a lot going on in the next 6 to 8 weeks.... 2 weddings including my son Brett and his fiance Cari in the Dominican Republic, wedding shower, CHEER camp for Briel, not to mention starting school soon...
BUT after all of that the plans are coming together, BACK TO HEART~HAITI and taking my 14 year old daughter Briel to work with the children in school and at the orphanage...  I'm POSITIVE it will be an experience she will never forget!!! AND who knows, I may have a traveling partner after that... All I know right now is she is excited about going with me and so am I actually...

More good news in Haiti for Ali kitten and WeAdvance.. They got another building donated and built in a flash...You gotta see this,!/video/video.php?v=10150166069611638&comments
VIA Alison: Captain Barry shows us around the new children's building donated by 'Green Relief.' Take a look how it works! Alison Thompson: thankyou "Green Relief" for our new children's rape crisis building. thankyou Albert and 1st and alton.
AND POWER: the little things in life we take for granted!
I am so happy for you Alison, Aleda and We Advance....GOOD LUCK and can't wait to come visit you guys soon!! xoxoxo

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