Thursday, April 7, 2011


Well here we are in Guayaquil Ecuador!! SUPER NICE change of pace!!
Just a lil view from the roof!!

Our personal TAP TAP HUH!! My butt (or lack there of) is non existant after todays ride along trip..I KNOW VERY SCAREY PICTURE, I look like I'm in pain or under the influence of something!!

OK now how is it that the BIGGEST CUSHIONED passenger gets the biggest cushioned seat?? hmmm?? BP??

Smoking section back here!! LOOK!!!! REAL Highways!!!
OK there was a few back roads so the kids could stand up and be COOL for awhile, literally COOLER than inside!!
2nd clinic of the day, CHECK....
 "Our mission is to provide specialized medical assistance to under-served populations in Ecuador where services are unavailable due to logistical or economic circumstances. We intend to achieve that objective by; -Identifying the greatest needs for medical/surgical intervention & design humanitarian medical aid projects to fill in the these needs. -Bringing in the expertise and manpower of international medical professionals. -Performing 2,000 surgeries within the first six months, in cooperation with Hospital Madre Berenice. -Empowering and training the hospital staff in order to continue the program indefinitely, without MMRC assistance."
My new best ECUADORIAN friend... He wouldn't pose with me but he said he would pose FOR me if I'd hurry up and take the darn picture!! I forgot his name already..

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