Friday, January 21, 2011

Shoes for the kids....THANKS JUSTINE!!!

Thanks to my friend Justine Halama I was able to take a suitcase and more of shoes for the kids.. They LOVE to play soccer ball and usually do so in bare feet on gravel spaces, where ever they can.. We took most of them to an orphanage across the street from where I was staying.. I've visited there quite a few times and the kids are wonderful...
 They loved their new shoes!!!

 We also took GLOW BRACELETS, I take them every time I go:)
 These were left overs that the Orphanage owner will share with a group of kids that are from the local church and don't even have tents to live in..
 This lil boy loved George!! And his new shoes:)
 George gave glow bracelet also.. They like to glow at night when it's dark and they have no lights.
 They each got a finger flash light, I think that was the biggest hit here!!
 OOOOOOOOh yeah, can't forget lil Bradley at JP HRO.. I had 1 pair of brand new ADORABLE shoes with me when we went to visit and they fit lil Bradley just perfectly!!! HE LOVED THEM!!
 Now he needs to learn to tie them:) hehehe

 This is Junior and Ely.. Friends from the states sent me oooodles of presents for the boys to take to Haiti with me since they, LP and BP were unable to be there for Christmas. I gave Ely a mini Laptop and his friend Lara Sawin Brown sent a back pack, English CD's a Mouse and mouse pad, an external cd drive all for the lil laptop.. Corrine sent then replacement rollerblade wheels and safety pads to wear while rollerblading.. I took and wrapped everything in Christmas wrap so they had a belated Christmas..

GLOW BRACELETS FOR EVERYONE...That's my baby RAUL next to me in the black shirt..I met way back in August when I worked at JP HRO for almost a month, I LOB MY RAUL!! He's getting so big.. No matter how many times I visit the kids they ALWAYS want the glow bracelets:) GOTTA LOB EM!! XOXOXO

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