Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Irenes Salon

This past trip in November I helped a young lady Irene re-open her salon..
 They ran out of money so I bought supplies so she could start doing nails and hair again..

 I am ordering some jewelry to take next time for her and her husband Genesis to sell in the salon..
 When I asked Genesis what he could sell he said to me "BLING BLING Ms. Debby, BLING BLING!!! hehehehe

If anyone else is willing to donate jewelry or something that they could sell out of their shop, please feel free to contact me.. I am going back January 5th or 6th for 10 days..
My new favorite picture below, I put the words in it:)
I am also collecting powdered baby formula and baby bottles to take in January.. Babies are dying from lack of nutrition...

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