Thursday, November 18, 2010

1st week in Haiti 11/10~ 11/16/2010

I can't tell you what I have done since I have been here because it all has went soooooooooo fast... My 1st couple of days was with Bill Farrar installing a water system in Leogane at a school..
Highlights from that were when the big water tanker came to fill up the schools tank, the whole neighborhood, for blocks down the street cam to fill up there 5 gallon pails and ANYTHING they could possibly get their hands on to fill with CLEAN WATER!! It was amazing to watch and so I stepped in and pulled the buckets and tubs up one by one helping them fill.. The hose at one time got away from the man who was holding it and I got a shower I was not expecting but welcomed...
For the next few days I spent with my interpreters Genesis and Dominique.. We ran around like wild people picking up medical supplies, water, Doctors and transporting them where ever they needed to go.. The most memorable place was in a place in Wharfs Jeremie, right on the sea shore.. It was really really bad, and not safe there.. There is a clinic that Sister Marcelles runs, use to be a womens clinic now completely turned into a CTC.  Cholera Treatment Center.  Sister has been taken over by Doctors and medical staff and has had no say so in her people nor patients.. She does tho so despirately need their help and supplies.. The 1st day we picked up medical supplies (Packed the truck to the top) and brought them out to her, she was very happy.. The second day she ran out of needles, infussion sets, Lactated Ringers, tape, and clean water.. We met up with BIG DAVE (via my angel Alison Thompson, LOB U) and got all those supplies minus the water and ran them out to her.. We then returned immediately and picked up 30 cases of bottled water and raced back to her with them:) Here is my friend lil Junior.. Stephanie who was at JP for awhile sent him a laptop with Audrey to bring for him.. When I stopped by JP to see all my friends he asked "Where is Audrey?" So to make a long story short, I brought him back to the house with me and suprised Audrey and he got his LAPTOP.. He was probably the happiest kid in Haiti!!! I let him stay the night with me and go swimming in our pool.. He is really a special boy!!OOOOO and gave him some other stuff too, backpack, kite, flashlights, toys
OOOOOOOOOh and who can forget BRAID DAY.. My 2nd night here had to do something with this nest of mine so what else, BRAIDS and long ones at that..

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