Friday, October 8, 2010

Only about 4 weeks before I leave to go back to HAITI!!

I know times might be tough for us here but think of the children that have absolutely NOTHING.. NO FOOD, clothes, and even worse, SHELTER.. Maybe a big blue tarp over their heads but when the winds blow, they get wet and sleep in mud...Mentioning mud, the newest thing for them to eat to curb their hunger pains is MUD PIES, YES MUD PIES!!Can you imagine your kids eating this because they are hurting from hunger pains??

I can understand if you can't donate but how about starting your Christmas shopping..
Avon is NOT JUST MAKE UP or for women anymore..Something for everyone now..Avon is graciously going to donate 30% of your total order to my fundraising for Haiti.. Every penny will go towards buying food, clothing and housing for smaller Orphanages around the PAP, Lestere and Jacmel areas..The more I make the more I can help the children!!!
THANX SO VERY MUCH, Debby xoxoxoxoxo ♥♥♥♥♥

Click here to start shopping for CHRISTMAS, it's right around the corner!!
These are hand made my local Haitians.. SO DARN CUTE!! I am selling them and using every penny to help the children... ORIGINAL CHOOSE HAITI Bracelets, also a great GIFT item!!
PLUS FREE GIFT with purchase:

THANK YOU for caring about the children, I can't stop and will continue to go back to do what I can for them, thru you...
To donate cash click here:

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