Sunday, October 24, 2010

Cholera outbreak in HAITI~How can you help from home? Click below!!
Please help us get clean water to the people of HAITI.. Can't imagine that is too much to ask for. If it is then also consider passing this along to any hospitals, clinics, medical teams or organizations you may know...
***We need re hydration salts, Azithromycin, sugar, zinc tablets, IV fluids....
Pedialyte, ORS (sugar packets / Salt Packets- full boxes of packets), Ringer's Lactate 1000cc IV bags, Aqua Tabs, Tetracycline..., Doxycycline, 500mg or 1g tablets, Tylenol suspension for children (80mg/ml), Amoxicillin 250mg or 500mg suspension for children. Flagyl 250mg suspension for children, Non-sterile gloves, small, medium, and large, Protective gowns, Primary IV line tubing, Pediatric IV giving sets..
Click link below to help now:)

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