Thursday, September 2, 2010

This will be the 3rd trip for me to Haiti...My 1st mission was with a local church group and we volunteered at Kings Hospital and Garden (orphanage).. This last trip I went alone for 3 weeks and volunteered at JP HRO, Sean Penns camp with a hospital, triage and Womens Clinic. The tent village had over 50,000 people which we attended to all their medical needs.. Over 160 babies have been born there since the Earthquake in January.

This trip along with Seanna, Justine and Carol will consist of volunteering in numerous places depending on where the needs are.I am also strongly thinking about taking my 13 year old daughter Briel who is excited about going and doing whatever it is she can do from helping with people waiting for appts to playing with the children...

I had to collect donations for my 1st trip, funded my 2nd trip COMPLETELY on my own.. This time I would love to fund raise as much as I can to take and give as much as I possibly can to the children and people of Haiti... The children are the future of Haiti and I will do everything I possibly can to help them:) Same with my daughter, she is ready and willing to take 2 weeks off from Jr High and do what she can also...

If you have any ideas or would like to donate, please feel free to contact myself on FaceBook, Debby Mohr Castellese or email me at ALL suggestions are very much appreciated and welcomed:)
Sincerely, Debby & Briel
PS: Pictures of my Haiti trips posted below...More to come:)
Leaving for Haiti for my 1st Mission
RAUL & Johnson, my 2 bestest Haiti buddies from JP HRO
EVERYWHERE I went, the girls had to fix my braids:)
This was my 1 & only night out with the girls from JP HRO, we had so much FUN!!
These VOLUNTEER BOYS at JP helped me for hours cleaning surgical supplies..
RAUL was my BESTEST BUDDY at JP HRO...He is not only deaf but mute also and was the sweetest boy I've ever met and could communicate like no other:) I LUV MY RAUL and will return to see him in November as I promised!!
This is MAXIME and he is a wonderful guide and interpreter!! SUPER KID!!
This was the 1st team I went to Haiti with back in May/June...Best group I could have ever asked for!
These were the kids at Kings Garden, they thought it was Christmas this day... I brought a backpack full of toys, flashlights, beach balls (they called them baaaallllloooooons) hehehehe
OOOOH and they used my camera and phone and took about 100 pictures of each other that I treasure to this day!!

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