Sunday, September 26, 2010

J/P HRO struck by a Storm

OMG!! This was the camp I was at the last time in Haiti, JP HRO.. It was hit yesterday by extreme winds and rain and this is what is left of it.. Before and after pictures.. DEVISTATING!! If this happened to our HUGE tent, can you imagine what the village ppl small tents look like? OMG!!!!

A burst of wind and rain shook Port-au Prince Friday, Sept 24 2010. The camp of 50,000 people were affected along with the destruction of our headquarters, living space, hospital and pharmacy. As we struggle to rebuild our lives and those of the people we serve, we ask everyone to help us with any donation ... please donate to JPHRO.ORG. The time is now! Thank you to all that have helped build this from the ground up.

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